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Timothy Kocher-Hillmer


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Timothy Kocher-Hillmer
Pittsburgh PA

My Bodywork Philosophy

Here are a few further words about my work. I share them with an open heart so you might have a better sense of my philosophy.

Before working with you I will ask questions. Why are you seeking bodywork? What goals do you have? Any medical conditions? I will also give you a chance to ask questions or share your concerns. I want you to be as comfortable as possible. I ask you to be honest and open. In this way, we can design a bodywork session together that best suits your needs and goals.

Answering personal questions and receiving therapeutic touch is a vulnerable thing. I realize that all touch is really an intimate act. In a society where intimacy of all sorts is snickered at, questioned and even discouraged, I advocate for healthy, honest, appropriate touch. It is my belief that the intimacy of bodywork radiates out to help create a more healthy society and environment. I invite you to create an inner environment of health and wholeness through touch.

Whether we're aware of it or not, intuition is what guides our motivations and actions in life. I believe that I'm a facilitator rather than a practitioner and my goal is to get out of my head, letting go of my ego. I rely on the spirit of the individual to help guide the session. The less pre-conceptions and expectations we both have, the more authentic and effective the bodywork is. When bodywork is approached with a spirit of intentionality and open-ness, deep healing can occur at many levels of your being.

My approach to a session is actually quite simple: I provide excellent, life-enhancing, appropriate bodywork. I work from my home studio where I feel comfortable and grounded. That's how I want you to feel. I offer clients a space of safety and open-ness. Here we can both pay exquisite attention as your body lets go of old patterns and as your spirit awakens into wholeness.

Many people question what to do when erotic or sexual feelings arise during a bodywork session. I invite clients to notice and experience any sensations that come up. In a spirit of non-judgement, there is no need to do anything; just observe. It is the same with feelings that are sexual, sensual or erotic. Simply being with the sensations of your body is an important step on the journey into wholeness. I bring this topic up honestly and openly because I intend to foster an increasingly healthy, sex-positive community. While the work I do is not sex, I offer a place to safely continue your journey.

Knowing what spiritual beliefs you hold, if any, is really not necessary for me. However, I feel it is important you know that spirituality is really the basis for all the bodywork I do. That's why I invite people to focus on their breath. The root of the word "spirit" is the same that gives us the word "inspire" Inspiration: Like breathing. Inspiration: Like being moved to create something beautiful. By focusing on breath, we can hear Spirit inviting us to create something beautiful. We all have Spirit, or Breath, within us and with mindfulness we can tap into the healing potential of the Universe which resides inside ourselves.

Please, breathe with me!