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Timothy Kocher-Hillmer


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Timothy Kocher-Hillmer
Pittsburgh PA

About My Work

As my client, my focus is you. My goal is to provide a safe and nurturing space of acceptance where you can focus on the experience of being in your body without judgement or expectation. My intention is to be a facilitator of personal integration and wholeness.

Elements of massage, breathwork and vibrational healing techniques are woven together. Techniques from Eastern and Western Wisdom are blended into a unique healing experience. Working together, you and I design a session that encompasses the various aspects of your being.

I desire to work with clients who are eager and willing to learn from the wisdom of their body. If you're interested in reconnecting with yourself, contact me about scheduling an appointment.

About My Clients

My Clients have come to me from all walks of life, with a variety of motivating factors. Some of my clients are or have been:

  • people with ongoing medical conditions or syndromes
  • survivors of trauma - physical, sexual, emotional
  • those in the end stages of life
  • people who use their bodies strenuously
  • athletes, massage therapists, parents
  • people who desire greater awareness of their bodies
  • those who identify as sexual minorities
  • people affected with AIDS and/or HIV
  • those who simply need to relax
  • seekers of self acceptance and love