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Timothy Kocher-Hillmer
Pittsburgh PA

Education & Training

Massage Modalities Swedish, Neuromuscular and Myofascial techniques manipulate muscle tissue and fascia for healing and relaxation. These modalities range from gentle pressure and movement to deeper contact with taut bands of muscle tissue. The client always determines appropriate intensity and pressure.

  Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, June 2001

  Member, International Massage Association since 2001

  Graduate, Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy 2000

Reiki This ancient healing art reconnects individuals with the innate healing potential of the human body and the energy of the Universe. In this modality, hands are gently placed on or above the client. Recipients of Reiki comment on the sense of peace and relaxation it creates.

   Master Teacher Level Attunement, June 2005

Conscious Breathing By focusing awareness on the breath, clients learn to let go of judgmental chatter from the mind and return to the sensations and wisdom of the body. Sometimes referred to as Rebirthing, this technique is helpful in deeply energizing the body, mind and spirit.

  Rebirthing and Conscious Breathing Certification, The Body Electric School 2002

Sacred Intimacy Although there is no generally accepted certification in Sacred Intimacy, it is indeed a true and needed modality in today's society. Based in Tantric principles of breath, awareness and movement of energy, this modality is a practice of accepting and circulating pleasure for one's inner and outer health. Interested clients are asked to complete application/questionnaire.

  Sacred Intimacy & Advanced Sacred Intimacy Trainings, The Body Electric School 2003

Flower Essence Therapy As a member of the Bach Foundation International Register, I offer this homeopathic approach to mental and emotional wellness. These remedies support the individual's deepest essence to be gently expressed.

  Bach Foundation trained and Registered (BFRP) April 2006